Hotels and Guest Houses in Nang Rong

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Across from 7 Eleven. At night
the buses are gone and this
doubles as a town square.

Our comments about six Nang Rong hotels and one apartment building come from observations made during a brief visit to each. In each case the owner or his representative took us to a room and allowed us to photograph its interior. As far as we could tell these rooms were representative of the establishment. All had car parking places which we assumed were free.

In all reviewed hotels we received complete cooperation. One hotel declined to be reviewed and is not listed. We any list hotels that we are aware of but did not have time to review. Prices are current as of review date, which is listed at the start of each review.

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Downtown Police Kiosk

The Nang Rong Hotel, The Rim Nam and the P California are the closest to town center and the markets. The Honey Inn and Ruan Nang Rong are in town but on the north side of the main road and about a 20 minute walk from downtown. All these are about a 20 minute walk from Opportunity Village. The Baan Sor and Sakulkaew resorts have nice country locations, but at 4 km from town center requires a motorcycle or car. Sakulkaew (as of its review date) is the only hotel with no internet access. The apartments are much closer to Opportunity village but a 25 minute walk from down town. They require furnishing and are suitable only for longer term (at least a month) residents.

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Toward Nang Rong Hotel
on Shopping Street

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The Future

Guest House Reviews

It is easy to see why Thailand has long been a major vacation place for the entire world. The people here are friendly in a way that is in marked contrast to other destinations in Asia, and it gets even better outside of Bangkok and the major tourist areas.