Volunteer Reports

My Experiences Teaching English

by Sue

I volunteered to teach English in the Nang Rong TOA school where many Opportunity Foundation children will be attending. It has 1200 students (K – 12). I was well received there and they were delighted to have whatever amount of time I would give them.

I started with the first grade to give the children an early start on western accent and pronunciation. I met many high school students who were eager to talk to someone from the U.S. The principal asked me to also teach conversational English to the high school. They are really fun. I work Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 to 12.

Thai children are simply adorable. It is so much fun to teach where a foreign teacher is a celebrity. The students, and their teachers, are eager and excited to have a teacher who can have fun with songs, flash cards, etc. and drink in every sound. The high school students are so happy that they can actually converse with and be understood by an American! There is much reward and personal gratification in spending time in a place where your contribution makes a large difference to the future of the students and benefits the community as well.