First Day of School in Nang Rong

When driving with visitors to the foundation we hit a traffic jam trying to get out to the main highway. No problem, I just turned and went the other way to the main north/south road to get out. I found it was completely blocked, which is what caused the traffic jam on the other road! We had no choice then but to get out and enjoy the parade. It was the first day of school in Nang Rong. There were banners, marching bands and every kind of costume from Disney characters to ancient Thai heros.

That we at Opportunity Foundation make a big deal about the education of our girls does not make us so different from the rest of Nang Rong. Thailand is developing and modernizing rapidly, and the Thais know that education is a key to fully participating in the new Thailand.

This is no small parade. I got there well after it started, and left before it finished.

The first sign says “Thailand’s four regions”. The next two say “north region” and “central region”.

The first sign says "north region", then "central region", "Isaan region" (north east), "and south region"

Here the "south region" sign is in front, followed by "charming Nang Rong city"

The picture of the queen is completely visible. To the left, the king's picture is partially hidden. A second picture of the king is further back.

Characters from famous stories. I think there are two Snow White's in the second row.

Later in the day, Nang Rong public school is starting with an outdoor meeting.

The younger children wear red.

Some of the teachers of this school.