Bus from Nang Rong to Bangkok

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Waiting Area at Nang
Rong Bus Terminal

The Nang Rong bus station has ten or more buses per day to Bangkok. Four to five of these are "fast"ones, taking about five hours for the trip. Asking "Go to Bangkok. Fast bus" should get you what you want. Other buses go to Korat, Ubon Ratchathani and many other cities directly from Nang Rong. Connecting through Khorat allows you to go anywhere you want in Thailand and beyond. Buses are air conditioned and fairly comfortable. If you are going to Bangkok it costs 250 baht ($7.14). Keep your ticket with you. Sometimes they may want to look at them again, and you can use it to get some food at the halfway stop.

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Halfway Rest Stop

Nang Rong is not very big, and does not have formal taxi service. There are pick up trucks that can haul you and your luggage, but they are normally found at the bus station and are most convenient for incoming passengers. If you are a volunteer with O.F. we can easily help you get the short way to the bus terminal.

Buses are air conditioned and fairly comfortable. Buses have on board toilets, but bus movement can make these challenging to use. Bottled water and small snack cakes are normally provided to you on the bus.

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Outside Restrooms at
Halfway Rest Stop

Buses between Nang Rong and Bangkok make a twenty minute stop about midway at a company owned facility to use the restroom and eat a quick meal. Hot food is provided at a small cafeteria by showing your bus ticket, but some of us have found it less than satisfactory. The ground chicken had bits of bone in it. It may be that Thais are accustomed to that, but I have not had that in any other restaurants. Some of us pack our own lunch.

The restrooms are fairly new and adequate and a handicapped restroom, with interesting signs, is provided. Whenever you travel in Thailand it is a good idea to have your own toilet paper. In an emergency, check out the handicapped restroom, it may have some.

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The signs on this restroom
stopped us in our tracks.

You will arrive at the Mo Chit bus terminal. Immediately when you get off the bus there will be people saying "Taxi! Where you go?" Ignore them, get your luggage together and say "meter taxi". Go to that area and you can get a taxi to most areas in the city for about 100 200 baht. If you are not going to tell the driver "airport" it helps to have a card with the name and address of your hotel in Thai.

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The next trip showed that
it was soon fixed.

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Going by Bus

It is easy to see why Thailand has long been a major vacation place for the entire world. The people here are friendly in a way that is in marked contrast to other destinations in Asia, and it gets even better outside of Bangkok and the major tourist areas.