Registration Number (Buriram) 2/2550

Certificate of Registration Establishing Foundation

This certificate shows forth that: Opportunity Foundation

Has obtained a valid registration in accordance with the Civil and Commercial Code for the purpose of:

  1. To promote service and support to develop a complete and enduring family life for children who are homeless, orphans, abandoned, disadvantaged or mentally or physically disabled not limited to gender, nationality, religion or social standing.
  2. To aid victims of and those injured by the human trafficking business not limited to the child’s gender, nationality, religion or social standing.
  3. To care for the elderly who have no support.
  4. To help those facing social problems, rescue crisis victims and develop enduring community economic and social self reliance.

Main office is located at 69/1 Sangkhakriburana Road Nang Rong sub district, Nang Rong district, Buriram Province

Registered on day 16 May 2550 of the Buddhist era.

Mr. Santat Jatchai
Provincial Governor, Buriram
Registrar of foundations for Buriram Province