On the Way to Rot’s Village

Rot is a local community leader who also works with Opportunity Foundation. Here are pictures from a motorcycle trip out to his village, about eight kilometers west of Nang Rong. You see some of the country side, then Rot takes us through a shoe factory which he managed. The factory is a coop, owned by its employers and members of the village. We stop by a nursery school also run by the coop. Finally we get to Rot’s house and see Rot and Wahon with their home behind the trees. We also see some nearby neighbors and their livestock.

Dam and bridge in a canal. There are extensive canals in this area of Thailand. You cannot ride more than a few kilometers without running into another one. In fact, there are canals on two sides of Opportunity Village!

There are many poor people in this area, but there is no need to starve. Food is usually close at hand.

This is a factory owned by the village coop. Rot was president of the coop when these pictures were taken.

Rot shows the way to another of the factory buildings.

One of the main workrooms in the factory.

Sewing show tops in the village coop's factory.

Children at the school run by the village coop. The white on their faces is from talcum powder

Rot and his wife in front of their home in the village.

Rot's next door neighbors and their cows.