Charter for Opportunity Foundation

Section 1
Foundation seal and office location

Part 1.

The foundation name in the Thai language is Foundation for Giving Opportunity.
The foundation name in the English language is OPPORTUNITY FOUNDATION. Abbreviated as O.F.

Part 2.

This is the seal of the foundation.
Opportunity Foundation

Its meaning is, the person carrying torch represents the foundation bringing light. The stairs signify passing over problems and obstacles. The dark bands signify disadvantaged people coming into the foundation.

Part 3.

The foundation office location is 69/1 Sangkhakriburana Road, Nang Rong sub district, Nang Rong district, Buriram Province 31110.

Section 2

Part 4.

The objectives of the foundation are

4.1 To promote service and support to develop a complete and enduring family life for homeless children, orphans, unwanted abandoned children, disadvantaged children and physically and mentally disabled children and not limited by gender, nationality, religion, or the child’s social position.

4.2 To help injured people and human trafficking victims not limited by gender, nationality, religion, or the child’s social position.

4.3 To care for the elderly who have no support.

4.4 To help people with social problems, emergency rescue of elderly victims and develop enduring economic and social self reliance for the community.

4.5 To coordinate with community organizations and other foundations within and outside the country whose objectives correspond with our own in the furtherance of the public benefit.

4.6 To not engage in political affairs in any way whatsoever.

Section 3
Foundation Assets and their Acquisition

Part 5.

Registration Capital is 500,000 baht (five hundred thousand baht)

Part 6.

The foundation can obtain funds in the following ways:

6.1 Bequests of money or property from wills or other legal means, however, the foundation can only receive property that is not encumbered by debt or obligation of any kind.

6.2 Money or property donated by individuals.

6.3 Returns from investments of foundation capital.

6.4 Any income or gain derived from any foundation activity.

Section 4
Qualifications and Tasks for the Board of Directors

Part 7.

Members of the board of directors must have the following qualifications:

7.1 Age not less than 20 years.

7.2 May not be a person who has been bankrupt, incapacitated or appearing to be incapacitated.

7.3 Be a person of good ethics and conduct, and not sentenced to jail for any reason other than guilt due to negligence or a misdemeanor.

Part 8.

Members of the board will leave their position when:

8.1 They reach the end of their term.

8.2 They die or resign.

8.3 They fail to meet the qualifications set forth in Section 7.

8.4 If their ethics and conduct has been such as to damage his or her reputation in the community that person can be removed by a vote of three quarters of the foundation board.

Section 5
Operation of the Foundation Board

Part 9.

The foundation will be governed by a board of not less than 4 and not more than 11 people.

Part 10.

The foundation board will have a chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer and an appropriate number of other members in accordance with part 9.

Part 11.

Appointment to the board of directors of the foundation will comply as follows: the foundation board will maintain the office of chairman and other positions as specified in its regulations.

Part 12.

The foundation board will remain in place for a term of 4 years.

Part 13.

Election of foundation board members will be by majority vote of the board.

Part 14.

A board member who has reached the end of their term may be reelected to the board.

Part 15.

In case a foundation board member reaches the end of his term, that member will continue to sit on the board until the foundation has received the enrolment of a new replacement member.

Part 16.

If the position of a board member becomes vacant the remaining members of the foundation board will then replace him by electing a new member whose term will expire at the same time as the term of the replaced member.

Section 6
Authority and Function of the Foundation Board

Part 17.

The foundation board of directors has the authority to manage the business according to the following:

17.1 Specify foundation policy and manage the foundation according to this policy.

17.2 Manage the finances and different assets of the foundation.

17.3 Produce reports on foundation activities, finance, account balances for income and expenditures for the ministry of the interior.

17.4 Manage in line with foundation board resolutions and their objectives.

17.5 Record regulations concerning the operation of the foundation.

17.6 Appoint and remove subcommittees and various people to carry out specific tasks under control of the foundation board.

17.7 Invite qualified people or people who can especially benefit the foundation to join an honorary (advisory) board.

17.8 Invite honorable people to be supporters of the foundation.

17.9 Invite qualified people as consultants to the foundation board.

17.10 Appoint and remove foundation personnel according to clauses 17.7, 17.8 and 17.9 that deal with human resources administration.

Part 18.

The chairman of the board’s authority and function is as follows:

18.1 To preside at meetings of the foundation board of directors.

18.2 To call meetings of the board of directors.

18.3 To represent the foundation in contacts with those outside and enforce all foundation regulations and sign documents regarding these regulations and all letters regarding basic principles of the foundation and in legal actions when the foundation chairman or his representative or two foundation board members can sign.

18.4 Delegate authority to board members or other appropriate persons to be foundation representatives in the management of communications instead of the chairman.

18.5 Take various actions according to the regulations and resolutions of the foundation board of directors.

Part 19.

The vice chairman of the foundation board is authorized to represent the foundation chairman when the chairman is not able perform that duty or in case the chairman has appointed the vice chairman as a representative.

Part 20.

If both the chairman and vice chairman of the foundation are not able to perform their duties on any occasion at a board meeting the meeting may appoint any foundation board member to be acting chairman for that meeting.

Part 21.

The foundation secretary has the duty of controlling normal foundation activities and management, general communication and coordination, preserve foundation rules and regulations, to schedule board meetings with the direction of the foundation chairman, and make meeting minutes as well as reports of foundation activity.

Part 22.

The treasurer has the duty to control foundation finances and assets including bank accounts and documents that relate to their correctness, proceeding according to the foundation board’s specification.

Part 23.

Board members can have specific responsibilities as the foundation board specifies.

Part 24.

The foundation board can meet with boards and subcommittees from other foundations.

Section 7
Subcommittees Cilantro

Part 25.

The foundation board may appoint and dissolve subcommittees according to the suitability of the subcommittee’s appointment for regular activities or for a special case at a particular time. In case the foundation board does not appoint the subcommittee chairman the secretary or other subcommittee members themselves can appoint a chairman.

Part 26.

A subcommittee will continue to exist until it has complete the work assigned to it.