2007 Annual Report (Partial Translation)

Message from the Chairman of the Board

I count it an honor to have received appointment as chair of the board of Opportunity Foundation at the beginning of the year 2007, and I enter into this work to assist the foundation with the hope that it will become an organization that develops the field of social welfare in multiple ways.

Since the establishment of Opportunity Foundation it has done substantial work in several areas. It has received good cooperation from many concerned parties that has allowed it to proceed without interruption toward its goals. At this time Opportunity Foundation is proceeding with a large scale project, both in time and budget, to build houses for children and elderly. In my position as chair of Opportunity Foundation I will endeavor to continue our progress to take care of the disadvantaged in our society will all possible speed.

What is best for all children is to live with a caring and supportive family of their own. However, in some situations a child is not able to live together with a family. This can be due to bad influences and circumstances that harm both their bodies and minds. These can come either from a family member or an outsider. For these children the foundation will help to build loving families. We believe that love from these families will help produce a secure life for these children.

Finally, I hope very much that cooperation and support is favorable from the local region and the country as well as from the private sector and international organizations, and that organizations governing the local area and all its inhabitants will help Opportunity Foundation to achieve all its goals.

Ms. Roongnapaa Wabpee
Chairman of the Board for Opportunity Foundation

Message from the Managing Director

When Opportunity Foundation was started we requested registration to establish as a foundation. I and everyone on the board of directors were seriously concerned because the steps to register are somewhat complicated and have many details. These might have required a great deal of time, but as it happened the foundation received permission for its establishment within only six weeks, bringing great happiness to everyone!

I received the honor of the board of directors granting me the position of managing director. I was tasked with laying down the administrative systems for the management of our office and preparing an appropriate place to conduct the business of the foundation so that the operation of the foundation will follow procedures derived from its purposes and principles.

Our foundation has drawn from the experience of those who have helped us in many occupational areas, helping us to operate and develop smoothly in the field of social work. This has helped us to firmly specify our duty and objectives. It may seem that our target group of children and old people has little worth in comparison to the large investment made in our various projects, but the things that have the most value are the lives of people. One life cannot be compared with anything else. These children have received the worst from life so as to appear to be cursed. This is the reason that we must help restore their minds and bodies, saving them by giving that which they have missed but desired all along. The foundation wishes to raise them up to lives that improve and enter into society for the long term.

I am most thankful for cooperation from all those who helped and provided everything for the birth of the foundation. I myself could not begin to perform this duty if I did not have all of this support. Thank you for the sacrifices of time and resources given without thought of repayment. I thank particularly those from the business world who gave of their resources in order to see our goal achieved. I also want to thank each one of the foundation staff for giving their full effort, time and talent throughout this time.

I hope that this place will become a home with warmth and a family atmosphere surrounded by trees and a natural setting, having stability and safety for our children and others who receive help. It will be a place that the people of Buriram are proud of as contributing to the development of the nation.

Ms. Anita Darlene Horton
Managing Director, Opportunity Foundation

From The Managing Director of Opportunity Foundation
Establishing Opportunity Foundation

Near the beginning of 2550 (2007) Ms. Anita Darlene Horton together with Dr. Jack William Simpson were joined by Dr. Jirapan Jantuang, Ms. Praiwan Ponwan, Ms. Rungnapa Wapita, Mr. Jarupong Somanyapong and Mr. Natgan Pantrakpong to form the board of directors that set up Opportunity Foundation. All hold a strong belief of cooperation for the social welfare development of the area where they live, especially the support of the disadvantaged.

This group of seven people is further described as:

At the start the entire abovementioned group of seven worked with experienced senior people in Buriram province and also consulted with many other people with experience in solving social problems. As a result we decided to establish an organization using the name Opportunity Foundation in the Nang Rong district of Buriram Province. We received advice and consultation from the Nang Rong district in producing a draft of rules and regulations for foundations and after that extended a request to office of culture of Buriram province to register and establish a foundation. We received a letter showing the completed registration establishing the foundation April 19, 2550 (2007) with office at 69/1 Sangkhakritburana Road, Nang Rong District, Buriram Province. This office is in a house belonging to Benja Rigaijaba and family who were pleased to rent to us this temporary office space.

After Opportunity Foundation received its registration and was legally established the foundation board then started work in various areas. First came the meeting to specify direction and policies, our target group and future projects. The board set down the system of administration example of which are accounting, human resources, a plan for building a living place for children and the elderly (Master Plan), provisions for construction budget, public relations, etc.

Opportunity Foundation thanks those on all sides who gave help and support up to this time that enabled us to reach our goal. A special thanks to Mr. Lert Tantisukrit the owner - manager of Toyota Nang Rong branch. Mr Tantisukrit has been an advisor to the foundation in many areas, but especially the area where he would not allow us to forget that “we must work in order to truly benefit the elderly of our community.” Everyone on the board of directors regrets greatly that he was unable to join the board due to his donation of so much of himself to the Commission for Businessmen already. Fortunately he is still happy to remain a consultant and advisor for Opportunity Foundation.

We also thank Ms. Wimon Chanprakhon and Ms. Cholada Saringkanan for their help in setting up all the documentation for the foundation.

We are also grateful for assistance from various institutions and organizations: